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1. What’s the first thing you’d do? 回到大溪地(Tahiti),你会做的第一件事是什么?

Eat some fresh “poisson cru”, a traditional dish with raw tuna fish, fresh coconut milk, Tahitian lime, onions, cucumber and tomato.

吃新鲜的 “poissn cru”,一种用生吞拿鱼、新鲜椰浆、大溪地莱姆、葱、黄瓜和番茄做成的传统美食。

2. Which hotel would you recommend? 你会推荐哪家酒店

In Tahiti, I can only recommend the InterContinental. It has an unparalleled view of Moorea and still offers the best sunset spot for happy hour.

在大溪地,InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa 是不二之选。酒店坐拥莫雷阿島无敌景色,至今依旧是 “欢乐时光” 时段欣赏日落的最佳地点。 l 都市情报:大溪地
Raimana Chauvin,摄于大溪地。

3. Where would you meet your friends for a drink? 若和朋友见面喝酒,你们会去哪?

My friends’ place in the mountain as they have the best view of the lagoon. If not, I would definitely recommend the Tiki Bar at the InterContinental for the sunset.

我们会到朋友建于山上的家,在那看泻湖最美了!要不然,我会推荐你到 InterContinental 的 Tiki Bar 去看日落。 l 都市情报:大溪地
大溪地除了海滩外,也有适合健行的大自然。(照片:Tahiti Tourisme)

4. Where’s the best place for lunch? 吃午餐最棒的地方在哪?

The Pink Coconut (waterfront) but if you are looking for a no fuss, simple and good food, I’d recommend “Chez Caro”. They serve Asian dishes with local twist – try the “Poisson cru a la chinoise” and “Maa tinito” (translated Chinese food) – it brings back childhood memories.

推荐面海的 The Pink Coconut,但如果你简单、提供美味食物的餐厅,那我推荐 Chez Caro。餐厅提供加入了大溪地色彩的亚洲美食。必尝美食包括 “Poisson cru a la chinoise” 和 “Maa tinito”(大溪地语 “中国菜” 的意思),这些美食勾起童年的回忆。

5. And for dinner? 晚餐呢?

Le Coco’s – a “gastronomique” restaurant with a garden by the sea with the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Modern French food with local ingredients. Reservation is a must.

Le Coco’s。这是一家高级法国餐厅,餐厅有一面海的花园,用餐时可听见海浪拍打海岸的声音。餐厅使用当地食材烹调现代法国美食,一定要预约。 l 都市情报:大溪地
Papeete 市场。

6. Where would you send first-time visitors? 如有朋友到访,你会带他们去哪玩?

Will definitely tour them around the island (clockwise), it only takes 2 hours’ drive and it gives a good overview of Tahiti, which is not only about beaches but also trekking and nature. This tour will unquestionably include a one-hour paddle boarding session in the lagoon.


7. Which is your favorite shopping place? 你最喜欢逛街购物的地方是?

The Papeete market – from fresh fish to coconut oil through black pearls, you can find anything made in French Polynesia.

Papeete 市场,市场应有尽有,从新鲜的渔获、椰子油到黑珍珠,凡事法属波利尼西亚制造的,你都可在这里买到。 l 都市情报:大溪地

8. We heard Tahiti is famous for its black pearl. Where did you get yours? 听说大溪地以黑珍珠闻名,你的黑珍珠手链是在哪买的?

I have friends who used to own pearl farms, so I would usually get the precious gem from them. However there are shops which sell black pearls at affordable prices around the market. A good quality one would start from USD50.

我的朋友曾拥有珍珠养殖场,我的黑珍珠都是向他们买的。你可以在 Papeete 市场买到价格实惠的黑珍珠。品质佳的黑珍珠价格一般从50美金起跳。

9. What should I avoid? 你会避免的事是?

Taxis – rent a car instead.


10. Before leaving Tahiti, one must…… 离开大溪地前,一定要……

Have tried “poisson cru” and pineapple juice, wear a black pearl. For the more daring, have a Polynesian tattoo.

吃一次 “poisson cru”、和凤梨汁、戴黑珍珠首饰。胆子大的可以来一个法属波利尼西亚刺青。

11. How do you say “thank you” in their language? 当地人如何说 “谢谢”?

“Mauruuru”。 l 都市情报:大溪地
Raimana Chauvin,摄于大溪地。

情报员:Raimana Chauvin,大溪地人,现在新加坡工作。喜欢飞机和甜点。活在当下,相信最好的计划是没有计划。

*照片 by Raimana Chauvin