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1. What’s the first thing you’d do?  你会做的第一件事是什么?

The perfect day when I get back to Perth is to have a great cup of coffee in any of the cafes along Cottesloe Beach. Perth has developed a fabulous coffee culture and we have really good baristas here. One thing I notice when I get back to Perth is the exceptional blue skies. All the colours seem so much more vibrant!

回到珀斯(Perth),到 Cottesloe 海边(上图)任何一家咖啡厅喝一杯好咖啡,就会是完美的一天。咖啡文化已在珀斯蓬勃发展,这里有很棒的咖啡师。我发现这里的天空特别蓝,其它颜色相对来说,显得特别鲜艳!

2. Where would you stay other than home? 你会推荐哪家酒店?

Well, the Crown Burswood is the nicest hotel we have in Perth. Lots of good restaurants like Nobu and Gulliame! There’s also a casino and a really nice pub called Merriwell. The free form swimming pool with little cabanas is ever so inviting on a hot summer’s day.

Crown Burswood 是珀斯最好的酒店。酒店有很棒的餐厅如 Nobu 和 Gulliame。这也有赌场,和一家很棒的酒吧叫 Merriwell。在炎热的夏天,泳池和泳池边的小亭子真是避暑的好地方!

3. Where would you meet your friends for a drink? 你常和朋友见面的地方在哪?

There’s many pubs in Perth. There’s the Royal on the Waterfront in East Perth where it’s always buzzing every night. It’s right by the water in East Perth and there have been times where dolphins swim into the cove. And the food is great too.  The Windsor Hotel’s my favorite hangout place because it’s near the waterfront in South Perth, where I live. There’s a restaurant at the back with a lovely outdoor area that serves both finger food or a main meal. Both venues are great for a night out with friends.

珀斯有很多酒吧。位于东珀斯的 Royal on the Waterfront 每晚都很热闹。酒吧就位于河边,海豚不时在这里出现。食物也很棒。位于南珀斯河岸的 Windsor Hotel 也是我常去的地方,因为我住在附近。酒店里有一家餐厅,你可在户外吃小吃或主餐。这两个地方都是和朋友聚会很棒的地方。

南珀斯(South Perth)美丽的河畔景色。
南珀斯(South Perth)美丽的河畔景色。

4. Where’s the best place for lunch? 吃午餐最棒的地方在哪?

My favorite lunch hangout is the Gusto Cafe along Angelo Street in South Perth. Besides the convenience, the food is out of this world. The chef and the manager are the owners of the cafe. The menu is original with lots of Greek influence. The portion is generous and all the ingredients are undoubtedly fresh. The coffee is great and all the cakes are homemade. The prices are reasonable by Perth standard.

我最喜欢流连的午餐地点是位于南珀斯 Angelo Street 的 Gusto Café。除了地点方便外,这的食物特别美味。厨师和经理是这餐厅的老板。原创菜单受希腊美食影响。食物的份量大,食材的新鲜度无可否认。这里的咖啡也很棒,所有的蛋糕都是自家烘焙的。价格方面,就珀斯的标准来说,是合理的。

5. And for dinner? 晚餐呢?

Nothing beats a meal at the Frasers Restaurant in King’s Park. The food there is outstanding. I had the degustation menu there recently and every single dish was well plated and original. As degustation portion is smaller than normal, even the garnishes are made in proportion to the dish. Absolutely amazing!  Every one of the eight dishes were delicious and very well prepared. The wine menu was very comprehensive and the waiter would pick the perfect wine to go with each dish. The service is commendable. The staff is attentive and very friendly.  To add to an already good experience, the view is stunning from the restaurant. You can see the city lights and the beautiful Swan River.

位于国王公园的 Frasers Restaurant 所向无敌,食物非常出色。我最近在那点了品尝菜单,每一道菜都是原创,摆盘亦非常吸引人。品尝菜单的食物一般都比较小,让我吃惊的是,就连配菜的大小的拿捏都那么精准。品尝菜单里有八道菜,每一道皆非常好吃。餐厅的葡萄酒单非常全面。服务员会根据菜单推荐葡萄酒。服务员们不但友善,而且殷勤,服务是值得称赞的。锦上添花的是那美景,你可以高居临下欣赏市区的万家灯火和美丽的天鹅河。

国王公园(King's Park)。
国王公园(King’s Park)。

6. Where would you send a first-time visitor? 如有朋友到访,你会带他们去哪玩?

For a first time visitor to Perth, I would send them on a trip through Swan Valley. It’s only about 30 minutes from the city and you are suddenly in one of the wine region of Perth. Besides the wineries, there are fabulous restaurants there. Not to be missed are the Sandleford Winery’s restaurant. The restaurant serves a good Australian menu and the Sandleford wines are world-renowned. Along the way, there’s the Margaret River chocolate factory, where you can get handful of free chocolate buttons. Every kid and adult alike cannot resist the big chocolate button bowls. Most of the big wineries there have a restaurant or cafe attached and the food at the wineries are usually very good.

I’m sure visitors from Asia would particularly like the weekend markets selling home grown vegetables, Australian-made soaps, essential oils, jams, sauces, homemade cookies and cakes. I love wondering the markets and look at all the homemade goodies. They make great presents. I go to the Saturday market in Clontarf on Manning Road in Waterford.

第一次到珀斯旅行的朋友,我会建议他们到 Swan Valley 去。从珀斯出发,只需30分钟的车程,你就抵达珀斯的葡萄酒产区了。除了葡萄酒园,这里也有很好的餐厅。不可错过的是 Sandleford 酒庄的餐厅。餐厅提供澳大利亚菜单,而 Sandleford 酒园出产的葡萄酒是闻名世界的。沿途,你可参观 Margaret River 巧克力厂,还可以随意品尝巧克力。无论是大人或小孩,都无法抗拒装满了迷你巧克力的大碗。大型的葡萄园一般都设有餐厅或咖啡厅,一般都在水准之上。

来自亚洲的游客一般都特别喜欢到周末市集买蔬菜、自制肥皂、精油、果酱、调味料、曲奇饼和蛋糕。我也非常喜欢欣赏这些自制的产品,它们是很好的礼物。我常光顾的周六市场位于 Waterford Manning Road 的 Clontarf Farmer’s Market。


7. What should I avoid? 你会避免的事。

Like any big city, it’s better to avoid going out late at night on your own or hang around the railway station especially at night.


8. Before leaving Perth, one must… 离开珀斯前,一定要。。。

Go to the beach. Perth’s has fabulous beaches… clean white sand and beautiful waters.


情报员:Rowena Teo,新加坡人,20年前搬到珀斯居住。喜欢珀斯的空间感、清新的空气和友善的人们。

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