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在去 Le Francois 的路上你會經過一個小村莊,在那裡你可以找到新鮮的魚類、蝦、溫水龍蝦等。除此以外,你還會遇到友善的當地人呢。

1. What’s the first thing you’d do? 你會做的第一件事是什麼?

I will go the traditional market and buy some nice home-made food, buy a bottle of the nicest rum in the World (produced in Martinique) and go to a nice beach all day with my friends.

White sands, cocktails, music, blue water, fresh fruits and an exceptional atmosphere, welcome to Martinique.



2. Where would you stay other than home? 除了自己家以外,你會住哪?

For sure, I will rent a villa close to the beach in the Diamant or Les 3 Ilets. You are more independent and you feel like home!

我一定會在靠近 Diamant 或 Les 3 Ilets 的沙灘租一間別墅。這樣你才可以覺得自由與有一種在家的感覺。


3. Where would you meet your friends for a drink? 你常和朋友見面喝東西的地方在哪?

QG: very nice typical bar in the city center of Fort-de-France. Nice cocktails, not very expensive and the owner is my friend. The atmosphere is warm and everybody wants to enjoy cocktails such as local food.

Lili’s bar: located in one of the nicest hotel in Martinique, you have the feet in clear water, lounge music and nice cocktails.

You can also go to the “Village Creole” located in the 3-ilets or Chateau Gaillard where you can find many restaurants and bars.


Lili’s Bar:坐落在馬提尼克最好的一間酒店裡。你可以把你的雙腳浸在水裡,邊喝杯雞尾酒邊享受那裡的音樂。

你也可以去位於 3-ilets 或 Chateau Gaillard 的 “Village Creole” 一 帶,那裡有很多餐廳與酒吧。


4. Where’s the best place for lunch? 吃午餐最棒的地方在哪?

This a very tough question because many restaurants serve nice food on the island. I will recommend you two typical restaurants, my favorites:

Yva chez Vava: nice local food in the Northern point of the Island, the city is called Grand-Riviere. A long way to go, trust me it worths it !

Chez Leger: on your way to Le Francois, a very small place in a village where you have fresh fishes, prawns, langoustes and you’ll meet there friendly local people.


Yua Chez Vava:位於島上北部叫做 Grand-Riviere 的城市。你可以在那裡找到美味的當地食物。雖然遠,可是請相信我,這一切都是值得的。

Chez Leger:在去 Le Francois 的路上你會經過一個小村莊,在那裡你可以找到新鮮的魚類、蝦、溫水龍蝦等。除此以外,你還會遇到友善的當地人呢。

5. And for dinner? 晚餐呢?

I will go to the same places for lunch and dinner, it depends what kind of food you are willing to eat. We have very nice western restaurant such as Le Belem (the hotel from the Lagoon Resort).

If you do want Italian restaurant, you can go to La Traviata in a nice and quiet area, Didier, and enjoy the food made by Mario.

If you are home sick, we do have plenty of Chinese restaurants and Thai restaurant located in the Orchids firm.

午餐或晚餐其實都可以在同樣的餐廳吃。看你自己喜歡什麼類的食物。你可以去一間非常棒的叫做 LeBelem(Lagoon Resort 酒店的附屬餐廳)西式餐廳。

如果你想吃意大利餐,那麼我推薦你去 La Traviata。這間餐廳在一個叫 Didier 的地區,非常寧靜。你可以在那裡享用廚師 Mario 煮的意大利食物。

如果你想念中國食物了,別擔心,這裡有很多中、泰餐廳。它們都座落在 Orchids Firm 地帶。

La Bibliotheque Schoelcher,一個非常富有歷史價值的美麗建築
La Bibliotheque Schoelcher,一個非常富有歷史價值的美麗建築。

6. Where would you send a first-time visitor? 如有朋友到訪,你會帶他們到哪玩?

The Marche couvert de Fort-de-France (covered market), where you can enjoy nice home-made products and local handicraft.

They will then visit La Bibliotheque Schoelcher, nice architecture and piece of history in Martinique.

Of course I will send them to one of the nicest beach in the island – Les Salines !

The Marche couvert de Fort-de-France 的室內市集。你可以在那裡吃到許多道地的美食與當地的手工藝品。

參觀 La Bibliotheque Schoelcher(上圖)。一個非常富有歷史價值的美麗建築。

當然,你一定不可以錯過島上最美麗的沙灘 — Les Salines! l 都市情報:馬提尼克

7. Any best-kept secret? 有哪些秘境嗎?

You have to come over and I will tell them all!


8. What should I avoid? 你會避免的事。

Don’t lay down all day on the sand without sun block, the sun is very strong in the Caribbean. Make sure you drink enough water and if you drive, be careful of speed cameras (they are everywhere). And of course, like in every city, please avoid walking in late night if you are not familiar with the area.



9. Before leaving Martinique, one must… 離開馬提尼克前,一定要…

Try our amazing local food and drinks. Visit the Old Plantation in the island. Visit different type of museums – banana, sugar cane, slavery… The nightlife is quiet active, and you will hear the reggae, zook love, mazurka, salsa and dancehall (very popular among young people).

嘗試當地的美食與飲料。參觀島上的 Old Plantation。參觀許多不同的博物館,例如:關於香蕉,蔗糖,奴隸等。島上的夜生活相當精彩,你一定要聽聽雷鬼,zook love,mazurka,salsa 與 dancehall(這在年輕族群里可是非常流行的噢!)。

10. Some useful words please? 介紹一些實用的問候語。

The language is called Creole or “Kreyol”.  這語言叫 Creole 或 “Kreyol”。

How are you 你好嗎: Saw fe’

Please 請:Si ou ple

Good evening 傍晚好:bonswa

情報員——Louis Maniere
情報員 — Louis Maniere。

情報員:Louis Maniere,享受生命里的每一刻。

* 圖1至5取自馬提尼克旅遊局 Facebook 專頁,圖6和7由 Loius 提供。